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Amaltea, in Cordoba since 2000.

Amaltea is an intimate space full of details.

Fuchsia, indigo and orange... our fetish colours, invariable and full of life.

Life in our windows loaded with plants (figs, jasmine, bougainvillea), open to the Ribera.

Life in our menu, inspired by the Mediterranean, which adapts to add what it offers us every time of the year. The quality of the product is an excuse for us to nod to our Andalusian roots, open to everything we like about the peninsula and other emotionally close regions: Morocco, Italy, Syria, Turkey, Israel.

We feel lucky about our territory: Cordoba, Andalusia. Orchard and land of calm; olive grove and vineyard; mountains. We work with local fruit and vegetables; pastas, rice, organically grown and fair trade cereals; oils and artisan cheeses; certified meats and sustainable fishing; products that because of their particularities allow us to tell stories, to bring their origin closer to our clients.

We bet on Andalusian wines, ecological (without synthetic chemistry) and natural (without additives; living wines!) authentic jewels that accompany our dishes and allow us to remain excited and believe in what we do.

Events & Workshops

catering y eventos - Amaltea

Catering and events

Do you need to surprise your guests? Do it with an excellent menu created from the best product and lots of love.

Celebraciones amaltea - Amaltea


Do you have a celebration in mind? We opened the doors of Amaltea for you and yours.

taller escuela diferente - Amaltea

Cooking Workshop

Cooking courses to get closer to our values for cooking. You choose the ingredients.

Come and meet us,

we will be delighted by your visit

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