raquel restaurante amaltea rojo - Conoce Amaltea
Raquel Pascual, owner and executive chef

Beyond the myth

Behind every dream, there's usually an anecdote...

Amalthea is, in classical mythology, the goat that suckled Zeus as a child. Descendant of the sun, from its horn, the famous cornucopia, sprouted all kinds of delicacies to feed the god.

Amalthea symbolizes abundance and is my life project since 2000. A restaurant inspired by Slow Food values that explores a more sustainable gastronomy (explained in video) where environment and product, space and equipment, are aligned to offer the best of each.

I like to have this goat as a reference: rustic, wild, playful, all-terrain; and a true goddess, with power and noble attributes: the exuberance and freshness that nature offers in the form of food, in every season.


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